What’s Your Story? I can help you tell it.

Whether writing an article for a magazine, profiling a customer for a case study, scripting an explainer video, blogging, or crafting copy for an ad or landing page, the same rules apply:

  • Credibility matters. Trust takes years to build and can be destroyed in minutes.

  • Readers don’t care about your business. Find a hook that’s relevant to them.

  • Capture attention with creativity, but drive meaningful action with a singular, clearly defined ask.

As a freelance writer and strategist, I can work with you to shape the voice and story of your vision and create content that compels people to dig deeper. I have experience both as a journalist and marketer, with a unique ability to ask revealing questions and find “aha” insights within mounds of data. I’m innately curious and love helping organizations discover and share their best stories.

We’re a Good Fit If…

  • You want original content, without jargon.

  • You need content but lack time or resources.

  • Your fluctuating needs don’t justify a permanent hire.

  • You’re stuck in a rut and need a fresh perspective.

  • The bid you got from an agency was ridiculously high.

The Process

  1. We meet and explore possibilities. I’m a firm believer in strategy before implementation. If you don't already have a strategic roadmap, I can help you create one.

  2. You decide which services you need from me. We identify key stakeholders and map out an agile plan based on weekly sprints, predictable pricing, and defined outcomes.

  3. We get to work creating and collaborating.

  4. We produce, distribute, assess.

  5. We repeat the process for as long as you need help.

Less Sell; More Substance

I’ll work within your budget to get past buzzwords and build authentic relationships with your audience. I’ll develop compelling narratives that align with your organization’s voice, values, and goals and figure out the best time and place to reach your audience. I can also help you listen to feedback and capture what resonates, so you can build on that success.

Think of your customer as the hero on a journey. Use content to guide them to your solution.